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Public consultation & events

North Queensland airspace issues and concerns

Consulting with the aviation community on airspace and related issues occurs regularly through the RAPAC groups (Regional Airspace & Procedures Advisory Committees). Anyone from the aviation industry is welcome to attend RAPAC meetings that occur across Australia throughout the year.

The Industry Convenor for the North Queensland RAPAC would like to hear from anyone in the Cairns aviation community about their airspace or related procedures concerns – email the Industry Convenors or the RAPAC Secretariat.

Meeting dates and records are available on the CASA website.

Please note: All of the RAPAC Industry Convenors are unpaid volunteers who willingly give their time to advance the best interests of the aviation industry. Their expenses (including travel, overnight accommodation, phone, internet and procuring official documentation) to facilitate industry’s interface with the various bureaucracies in Canberra and regionally are expended personally and are not reimbursed.

Public consultation by Government authorities

Various Government authorities and departments conduct public consultation on matters affecting aviation and we will endeavour to provide links to their consultation documents when they become available:
Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia – regulatory projects (CARs and CASR Parts)
Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia – airspace and related procedures (RAPAC)
Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport
Australian Transport Safety Bureau